Nannette Morgan, Certified Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer

Nannette Morgan has been training dogs for over 15 years, and spent 20 years training and competing with horses in dressage and jumping competitions. But for her, experience isn’t enough. Nannette believes in formal education and training, and striving for the highest levels of excellence in her field.

To that end, Nannette is the only IAABC-certified Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant in Santa Clara County—a designation that requires many hours of study and completed field work. She is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT or Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and a founding member of the Truly Dog Friendly trainer list.

Nannette graduated from the Trish King Canine Consultant & Instructor Academy and Advanced Canine Academy, and regularly attends continuing education seminars and symposia, as well as keeping up on the latest literature on canine behavior and training.


To be successful in dog training requires being successful with clients—and Nannette is every bit as qualified in this arena. She holds a degree in Education and current California teaching credentials. Her teaching experience runs the gamut from working with adults to autistic children. She particularly enjoys her time engaging with children during Rotary Club and school presentations, sharing Iditarod demos and history as well as notions of humane treatment of animals—and each other.

Nannette is also fluent in multiple languages, including Spanish, with a degree in Foreign Languages from San Francisco State University.

Lecturer & Consultant

Nannette enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with widely diverse groups, from school children to adults, on topics such as safety around dogs, canine communication and body language, sled dog training, and the Iditarod.

Nannette also has a background in mental health, including involvement in research into the uses of Animal Assisted Therapy to help treat various emotional and developmental disorders, and consults with mental health professionals looking to include AAT in their practice.

Dog Lover

Nannette loves all dogs, with a particular fondness for Northern breeds. In fact, her dog Cricket comes from a long line of Iditarod finishers. Her other dog is talented as well, though perhaps in less brag-worthy ways. Dugall’s main claim to fame is an interesting series of vocalizations that have earned him the nickname Scooby-Doo.

Both of these accomplished Siberian Huskies compete with Nannette in Northern breed sports such as carting, sledding, and skijoring. They also work together in breed-specialty obedience, as well as Canine Musical Freestyle and Pet Assisted Therapy.

Bagpiper & Iditarod Enthusiast

An Iditarod enthusiast in Morgan Hill? Why not. And if you’re going to live outside the box, why not also be the first woman bagpiper in the renown Prince Charles Pipe Band of San Francisco? Nannette also enjoys British mystery shows and cars, Italian food (and ordering it in Italian—because if you can, why wouldn’t you?), and playing on her trivia team.

Praise from fellow dog professionals

“My veterinary practice has had the privilege of working closely with Nannette Morgan, CPDT-KA ACDBC, an IAABC Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant over the past several years. As a result, I feel that my entire team is better equipped to educate our clients, in particular first time dog owners. In addition to providing our hospital staff with invaluable information regarding dog training, working with Nannette has helped us integrate our improved understanding of canine behavior into our everyday interactions with our patients.  This approach has allowed us to achieve our goal of creating a positive, low stress environment for our patients, clients and team members.”
–Dr. Hilary Wheeler, DVM

“I've consulted with Nannette on a number of cases and she always brings a fresh outlook to the mix! She’s focused, meticulous and organized.”
–Jo Jacques, Dog Trainer, CDBC, ACCBC

"As a veterinary technician, I highly recommend Nannette Morgan’s positive training methods. She is compassionate, very knowledgeable, and my dog looks forward to our visits with her.”
–Giuliana S., RVT

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